Minnesota Boy Killed in Pedestrian Accident

An 11 year old Minnesota boy was killed in a car vs. pedestrian accident when walking along a rural road with his father on August 21.  Police say that the boy was just 11 years old and died from his injuries after he was hit by the car. The female driver, 46, drifted across the… Read more »

Traffic Deaths in Minnesota Pass 200 for 2014

A recent study showed that the number of traffic deaths related to impaired driving in Minnesota had gone down. However, the total number of traffic deaths in Minnesota has now surpassed 200 in 2014, according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. The tally for the year is 204 deaths after two motorcyclists were recently… Read more »

Rochester Woman Killed in Motorcycle Crash

Minnesota roadways are no strangers to motorcycle crashes in the summer months. The high concentration of motorcycles on the roads in addition to the amount of traffic in the summer as tourists go to and from the many lakes contribute to the number of accidents. In one case, a Rochester woman died in a motorcycle… Read more »

Rochester Named in Automobile Accident Survey

Automobile accidents are one of the most common causes of injury in Rochester, MN and also one of the most common reasons why individuals file personal injury lawsuits against others. When a person is negligent in an automobile accident, they can potentially be sued by the victim for property damage and medical expenses, despite the… Read more »

Preventing Traumatic Brain Injuries in Minnesota Comes with Awareness

A traumatic brain injury is a serious consequence of head trauma, usually caused in an accident. Nonetheless, preventing these injuries comes with a great deal of awareness. For instance, how they occur can help individuals be more careful in their actions. A car accident is a common cause of traumatic brain injury, as is pedestrian… Read more »