State Tracking Concussions in High School Athletes

The Minnesota Department of Health has begun tracking concussions in athletes in 42 high schools to determine how big the problem is in Minnesota. Athletic trainers from Fairview’s Institute of Athletic Medicine report when the concussion occurred, when the student returned to class, and when the student returned to the sport.  The tracking system does… Read more »

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

What is Brain Injury Awareness Month? It is what we, as a community, make it. During the month of March, we can make a deliberate choice to engage our community and spread awareness about brain injury. We can take the 31 days of March and celebrate the journey. We can recognize all of the obstacles… Read more »

Possible Future Concussions Test

Mayo Clinic in Arizona reports neurologists have taken “a promising step toward identifying a test that helps support the diagnosis of concussion.” Currently, diagnosis relies on self-reported symptoms. Also, there is no reliable test to show when an athlete’s brain has fully recovered from concussion. Thus, a “rapid, reliable, cost-effective” test is needed. Retrieved from… Read more »

Multitasking Doesn’t Build Brainpower

Want to make your brain smarter? Slow down and dig deeper, advises Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman, a neuroscientist who has spent nearly 30 years studying this question. Chapman’s research shows that the brain’s true growth occurs only when we focus, analyze and get those trains back on track. Chapman Q&A retrieved from Star Tribune

Don’t Be Part of the Next Highway Tragedy

Nine people died in traffic deaths Saturday, April 6 through early Monday April 8 in Minnesota, making it the deadliest weekend of 2013. According to law enforcement officers, traffic accidents usually involve at least one of four preventable factors — speeding, impaired driving, distracted driving or an unbuckled motorist. This was true in several of… Read more »