“Thank you for the legal help you gave us and also for your pleasant words every time we see you. The brain injury community is fortunate to have you advocating for them. Thanks for all the work you do for them.”

Don and Rosella Kvernen, Rochester, Minnesota

“I do not think I can express how much it means to me that you took me under your wings! You did such an excellent job and went above and beyond.”

Emily and Adam Miller, Pine Island, Minnesota

“Thank you… for such a professional and caring way in which you handled my case.”

Dolph Pulliam, Des Moines, Iowa

“You’re the best! You exceeded our expectations. I knew that you always had my mom’s future needs in mind.”

Jocelyn Adkins, Bakersfield, California

“Your firm is very friendly. You feel welcome when you walk through the door. You seem very knowledgeable about my case (TBI)”

Steve and Lisa Patek, Rochester, Minnesota

“Mr. Kauffman, after reading your kind and thorough letter, I was telling our neighbors about how you and your staff had gone above and beyond on this. I told them I had found a law firm that had to be one of the best. To my surprise, they said that they had a better law firm. When I shared your firm’s name, they burst out in laughter, and said that they were also talking about your firm.”

Michael Duffy, Cynthia Duffy, and Colleen Duffy, Dodge Center, Minnesota

“I honestly think I need to credit some of my success in coaching to all of you and your generosity and willingness to give with no expectation of any return. That is something that has shaped my values today, and something I try to impress upon all of the youth I work with. So please know that you haven’t impressed these values on just me, but on every young person I work with… I can never thank you enough…”

James Hanson, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Our family was treated with respect, dignity and honesty. The entire staff became a part of our family.”

Gregg & Jamie Reuvers, Faribault, Minnesota